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Building Permits

  Building Permit
  Concrete Permit
  Contractor Registration
  Contractor Registration II
  Deck Construction Guide
  Electrical Permit
  Fee Schedule details and policies
  Fence Permit
  Fire Alarm Application
  Fire Suppression Application
  Furnace Inspection
  Generator Permits And Inspections
  Handout Chart
  Highland Park Fees
  Highland Park Non-Owner Occupied Certificate
  Hiring a Contractor
  Homeowner Affidavit
  Land Division and Lot Comination Form
  Mechanical Permit
  Plumbing Permit
  Returned Permit Form
  Sign Permit
  Vinyl Siding

When is a permit needed?
A permit is required for all construction, remodeling and maintenance except those items classified as “Normal Maintenance” in the codes. Typical projects requiring permits include, but are not limited to:

  • Additions
  • Demolitions
  • Electrical systems and services
  • Exterior concrete
  • Exterior siding
  • Miscellaneous residential including fireplaces, pools, decks & garages.
  • New buildings
  • Plumbing systems- heating, ventilating & air conditioning.
  • Prefabricated structures
  • Renovations
  • Replacement of furnace or air conditioning.
  • Replacement roof and/or shingles
  • Replacement of water heaters
  • Replacement of windows
  • Residential sheds over 200 square feet.

Normal Maintenance
The following repairs are considered normal maintenance if they are not part of a structural addition or remodel:

  • Painting
  • Repair of broken windows
  • Repair of faucets
  • Replacement of individual electric switches or outlets.
  • Replacement of kitchen cabinets with no structural, drywall, plumbing or electrical changes.
  • Tuckpointing of masonry

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