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Be Continued Michigan 2020

Boards, Commissions, & Committees

Planning Commission Members

Historic District

  Historic District Study Committee Report and Proposed Ordinance
  2010 Master Plan
  Zoning Ordinance Adopted July 18, 2011

Barbara Willis
Paul Motley
Beverly Jordan
Tisha Bursey
Jeff Glotta
Sam Bollington
Cleophus Pye

TIFA Board Members

  TIFA Act
  TIFA 2020 Budget
  Published Financial Statements FY19
  1995 Oct Rules of Procedure - 2nd Amendment
  1992 Sept Developement Area #1 Amendment
  1992 Nov 16 Council Resoultion Approving Development Area #1 Amenedment
  1984 June 18 Resolution Adopting TIF Authority
Gregoire Louis
Derek Brown
Lesilie Robinson

Historic Commission Members

Frank Ross
Anne Zobel
Alexis Williams
Arthur Rizzo
Debbie Morrison

Zoning Board Commission Members

Kimberly McDade
Jamal Thomas
Christopher Woodard
Beverly Jordan

Traffic Commission Members

Chester Logan
Kevin Coney
Willie Fasion

Police and Fire Commissioners

Hilton Napoleon
Michael Curis
Brenda Hickes
R.J. Watkins

Housing Commission Members

Alexis Ramsey
Theresa Cummings
Linda Wheeler
Patrica Livingston
Cassandra Walker

Recreation Commission Members

Reggis McKenzie
David Fogle
Haskel Posey
Glen Washington

Application for Boards and Commissions