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Mayor Hubert Yopp

Hubert Yopp
(313) 252-0050, ext 240

Mayor Hubert Yopp

On January 1, 2016, Mayor Hubert Yopp was sworn in as Mayor of the City of Highland Park, Michigan for a second non-consecutive four-year term. Mayor Yopp is one of Highland Parks most accomplished public servants, serving the Highland Park community for over 40 years.

Mayor Yopp has a varied background of experience with over forty years in the operation and administration of local government, serving in various positions in Highland Park, including Highland Park Police and Fire Manager for thirty-one years and Highland Park City Council for four years.  In 2004 he was elected Highland Park City Councilman serving a four-year term. After serving a term in office, Yopp was elected Mayor of the City of Highland Park in 2008.

Mayor Hubert Yopp has been a relentless advocate for restoring the City of Highland Parks Water Plant, Educational System and the Library.

Mayor Yopp graduated from the University of Detroit, where he earned a BA in Science, then attended Eastern Michigan University and John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

A true Highland Parker, Mayor Yopp graduated from Highland Park High School in 1962 then immediately began to serve his country by joining the United States Army from 1962 to 1970 leaving with an honorable discharge