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City of Highland Park announces Request for Qualifications from developers to improve land use, quality of life for residents

Nearly 1,000 publicly owned properties in seven redevelopment areas identified as priorities to help revitalize historic city

Highland Park, Mich., Jan. 8, 2018 — Highland Park is working with state and county land banks to enhance the community through new developments and an expanded tax base.
City leaders are working with the Michigan Land Bank and Wayne County Land Bank to issue a Request for Qualifications, a measure to attract qualified developers interested in redeveloping nearly 1,000 properties in Highland Park.

In partnership with the two land banks and the community, city leaders identified the areas with the goal of securing one, or multiple, development partners who want to be instrumental in growing the city’s economy and improving its quality of life.

More than half of the city’s 7,000 parcels are held by a public entity – city, county or state. City leaders are looking to increase homeownership, boost the local economy and improve the city’s marketability.

Mayor Herbert Yopp and his Department of Community and Economic Development are working with the city’s community stakeholders on the project.

The city in 2016 developed a Neighborhood Improvement Plan to address the loss of residential occupancy, looking to stabilize neighborhoods and redevelop key programs while leveraging and strengthening existing assets. Mayor Yopp sees this request as an expansion of that plan.

“This is an important step for our city and we appreciate the Michigan Land Bank and Wayne County Land Bank for their support,” Yopp said. “Highland Park has strong, unique assets. Our residents and businesses have a great sense of pride and we want to find qualified developers who are excited to leave their mark here and build for a strong future.”

The Michigan Land Bank and Wayne County Land Bank have properties within the redevelopment areas and see the opportunity to positively impact the overall quality of life for residents according to Michigan Land Bank Director Josh Burgett and Wayne County Land Bank Executive Director Bali Kumar.

“The Michigan Land Bank is proud to support the City of Highland Park in this proactive effort to redevelop their community,” Burgett said. “Our primary mission is to take unproductive properties and return them to productive, taxable use. This is a collaborative effort with key partners to create a better quality of life for residents and put property back on the tax-roll.”

Kumar said the Wayne County Land Bank has been working closely with the City of Highland Park for some time.

“By pooling our efforts through the RFQ we are more likely to present attractive opportunities and streamlined options to potential developers,” Kumar said. “We know there is potential here and we all share the same goals. It’s just about creating the right development opportunities that also contribute to a brighter future for Highland Park.”

Questions regarding the request should be submitted to: Yvette L. Robinson, or 313.252.0050 ext. 257.

Potential developers must submit their qualifications using the format provided in Section C of the request by noon on Feb. 9, 2018. All proposals will become the property of the City of Highland Park and will not be returned to the proposers.

To view the Request for Qualifications, updates and information about the City of Highland Park visit Information about the Michigan Land Bank can be found at and the Wayne County Land Bank at

For additional information, contact:
Michigan Land Bank Rodney Parkkonen at 517.290.7857
City of Highland Park Marli Blackman 313.790.1076

About the Michigan Land Bank

The mission of the Michigan Land Bank is to promote economic growth in Michigan through the acquisition, assembly and disposal of public property, including tax reverted property, in a coordinated manner to foster the development of that property, and to promote and support land bank operations at the county and local levels.




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