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Forms & Applications


  Highland Park Downtown Strategic Plan 2017‚Äč
  Zoning Ordinance Adopted July 18, 2011
 HP Master Land Use Plan May 2021

Zoning Requests

Zoning Application

Complete and submit the Zoning Application to the Department of Community & Economic Development with the required documents per instructions for the following requests:

  • Variance Request
  • Zoning code interpretation
  • Special Land Use
  • Zoning Ordinance amendment hearings
  • Lot split/Combination
  • Alley or Street Vacations
  • Ruling Appeals
  • (Any conditions or use changes or amendments to the City's zoning)

Please note that all non-administrative requests will require review of application and recommendation to the Zoning Board by the Planning Commission. Changes in the Zoning code will also require a public notification and hearing.

Rental Registration

  Non-owner Occupied Certificate Program Vacant Property
  Rental Application

Housing Assistance

Housing Rehabilitation Program

  Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Application

If you have any questions regarding the status of your CDBG application, feel free to contact Lucius Anthony or (313)224-5147 for more information.

COVID Emergency Rental Assistance (CERA) Program

Online Application
 CERA Tenant Application
 CERA Owner-Landlord Application 

All printable applications can be mailed to Wayne Metro, P.O Box 32873, Detroit, MI 48232. If the tenant is having issues with the application, contact the Eviction Preventing Hotline at (866) 313-2520  or visit Michigan State Housing for Development Authority (MSHDA) website for more assistance.

Vacant Property

Vacant Property Registration


Purchase/Transfer of Land and/or Property 

Offer To Purchase Policy & Procedures
RESIDENT Offer To Purchase Side Lot Application
NON - RESIDENT Commercial Offer to Purchase Policy
 Property Transfer Affidavit
 Principle Residence Exemption Application (PRE) Affidavit

Poverty Exemption

Poverty Exemption Application
Board of Review Form
Flyer - 2021 March Board of Review

Property Exemption

Property Exemption Application


Film Policy

New Film Policy   (Highland Park welcomes your film production).


Developer Intake Form

Developers interested in purchasing and/or developing City owned land/property are to complete and return the Developer Intake form and include all the required documents per the instructions.

Developer Intake Form


Sign Permit

Review & Approval must be granted by the City prior to the erection of any sign in the City of Highland Park. For review and approval please complete and submit the Sign Application to the Department of Community & Economic Development.

Sign Permit Application