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30th District Court

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Telephone (313) 252-0300
Fax (313) 865-1115
Chief Judge - Brigette R. Officer-Hill
Brigette R. Officer
Chief Judge
  Weekly Court Schedule

Additional Contact Info - (313) 252-0300

John L Bennett (Magistrate) ext 306
Sharon Clark (Traffic Division) ext 328
Rudolph Dalton (Court Officer) ext 310
Robynn M Diamond (Court Administrator) ext 307
Irene Dortch (File Clerk) ext 305
Valerie Lake (Civil Division) ext 304
Hosea Grant (Probation Dept.) ext 311
Tammanna Khanom (Traffic Division) ext 301
Aarika Rodgers (Misdemeanor Division) ext 301
Nathan Anderson (Office Manager) ext 312
Sandra Thomas (Felony Division) ext 303
Tonjia Williams (Court Reporter) ext 309

*Make payments online
*Online Negotiation (civil infractions only)

Check Policy (effective July 2, 2008)

  • All checks must be made payable to the 30th District Court.
  • Proper identification is required. A valid drivers license or state ID is sufficient. The address and name on the drivers license must match the address and name on the check.
  • A $50.00 fee will be assessed on all checks not honored by your bank.
  • No third party checks are accepted.
  • All out of state checks must have a valid address, telephone number and drivers license number posted on the check.

Notice for Posting Bonds

When posting bonds, paying restitution or paying into trust, payments can be made in person with cash or certified money order. Credit card, debit card and pre-paid debt card payments for bonds are *accepted online and by phone, 1-(888) 604-788