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Forms, Permits & Applications

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Building Department
Clerk's Office
Tax Forms
Legal Department
Community and Economic Development 
Engineering Department

Clerk's Office

  Business License Application
  Election Inspector Application
  Fireworks Application
  Temporary Street Closing Application
  Parade Application
  Polling Locations
  Vending License Application
  Voter Registration Form

Tax Forms


 2022 HP-1040 Individual Tax Form - Fillable
 2022 HP- 1040 Indivual Tax Booklet with Instructions
 2023-HP-1049PV Payment Voucher Fillable
 2023HP-1400ES Quarterly Estimated Payment Vouchers - Fillable
 2023 HP-1040ES Estimated Payment Instructions
 2022 HP-1040 Form and Insructions
2022 HP -1040ES Estimated Payment Instructions
2022 HP -1040ES Quarterly Estimated Payment Vouchers - Fillable
 2021 HP-1040 Quarterly Estimated Tax for Individuals
2021 HP-1040 Individual Tax Booklet with Instructions
2021 HP-1040 Individual Tax Form - Fillable
2021 HP-1040PV Payment Voucher
 2020 HP-1040 Form and Instructions
 2020 HP-1040 Individual Tax Booklet and Instructions
 2020 HP-Application for Extension of Time and Instructions
 2020 HP-TC Part Year Resident Tax Calculation Form
 2020 HP-1040ES Estimated Tax  for Individuals Instructions
 2020 HP-1040ES Estimated Tax  for Individuals Quarterly Coupons
 2020 HP-1049PV Payment Voucher
 2020 HP 1040 X - AMENDED Individual  Income Tax Return Form and Instructions


2022 HP -1040ES Estimated Payment Instructions
2022 HP -1040ES Quarterly Estimated Payment Vouchers - Fillable
HP-1065 Partnership Return Form
HP-1065 Partnership Return Instructions
HP-1120 Corporation Return and Instructions
HP-6 Notice of Business Change or Discontinuance​ Form
HP-SS-4 New Business Registration & Employer's Witholding Registration Form and Instructions

Payroll Withholder

2023HP-941-501 & HPW-3 Employer Withholding Instructions
2023 HP-941-501 & HPW-3 Quarterly Employer Withholding Vouchers - Fillable
2023 HP-941-501 & HPW-3 Monthly Employer Withholding Vouchers
 2021 HP-941 & W-3 Instructions
 2021 HP-941 & W-3 Quarterly Payment Vouchers
2021 HP-941-501 W-3 Monthly Payment Vouchers
 2020 HPW-4 Employee Withholding Certificate
 2020 HP-941-501 & HPW-3 Instructions
 2020 HP-941-501 & HPW-3 Quarterly Coupons
 2020 HP-941 Monthly Coupons

Prior Year HP-1040

 2019 HP-1040 Form and Instructions
 2018HP-1040 Form and Instructions
 2017HP-1040 Form and Instructions
 2016HP-1040 Form and Instructions
2015HP-1040 Residential and Non Residential Tax
2014HP-1040 Form and Instructions

For additional information, call (313) 800-5233 ext. 363
Send completed forms, schedules and documentation to:

City of Highland Park
Income Tax Division
PO Box 239
Eaton Rapids, MI 48827-0239


Employment Forms

  Employment Application
  Police Employment Application


Legal Department

  Animal Complaint Form
  Citizen Claim Form
  FOIA Request Form

Engineering Department

Commercial Site Plan Approval Application
Engineering Department Fee Schedule
 Right of Way Permit Application